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Road Transport Solutions


Full Truckload (FTL)

At EuroLefesa we specialize in road transport for national and international full truckload (FTL) cargo services with regular lines throughout Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Less than truckload/Groupage

If your supply chain requires it, at Eurolefesa we can offer you capacity for LTL partial loads.
We have a partial load/groupage service on most of the routes we operate.

ADR Transport and Waste

At Eurolefesa, we have added the transportation of ADR goods and non-hazardous and hazardous waste to our catalog of transport services that require specific qualification and certification.

Dedicated truck

If your supply chain requires it, we can offer you an exclusive solution for your company, adapting to your needs as an extension of your own company. Fleet with your own logo. fleet of trucks with own logo.

Transport agency

We offer a complete range of personalized services; from advice on technical, operational and legal aspects, to the development of activities related to logistics and transportation.

Storage service

At Eurolefesa, we offer the possibility of managing a storage service for small or large volumes of merchandise, which makes us a perfect partner for road transport.

These are our strenghts

Digital documentation and smart order management

e-CMR (paperless). At Eurolefesa we are committed to efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint.

Real-time location

We transport your products with maximum efficiency and total visibility through digital capabilities. Real-time cargo tracking.


An ecological and responsible transport. We are committed to the environment and adopt ecologically competitive solutions. Euro 6-D and LNG.

Network of associated collaborators

We establish collaboration agreements under our own digital technology and the same philosophy of quality in service.


A fleet with TAUTLINER XL vehicles (elevating roofs, coil carriers, rails for beverage transport, DAIMLER system for automotive transport,...)

Continuing education

We keep our teams constantly prepared through our own online training platform: digital skills, ADR goods, hazardous materials, etc.


We take your merchandise as far as you need

Our company

EUROLEFESA was born more than 50 years ago with the vocation of being a land transport logistics company that guarantees a comprehensive quality service with added value.

Committed to innovation and quality in service, we have incorporated digital strategies in transportation management that contribute to better logistics organization, and we have established strategic partnerships with national and European partners to achieve better coverage.

Experience and proximity with the customer

We have expert traffic operators who can offer support in 4 languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Our eco-friendly fleet makes us a perfect option for transporting your goods. We transport food, electronics, automotive products, e-commerce, raw materials, etc. safely and every day throughout Europe.

Our company today takes on a new challenge by adapting to the protocols of the 2030 Agenda to become a leading 4.0 transportation company.

Sello y Certificado de Inscripción de Huella de Carbono.
Ministerio de Transición Ecológica
We are responsible with the environment
At Eurolefesa, we are committed to achieving maximum efficiency in road transport, and for this reason, we have initiated the project “Carbon Footprint (CO2) Registry” with the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge.
This project has allowed us to calculate the carbon footprint of our company and launch the second phase of the project, which consists of measuring the reduction of the carbon footprint that we achieve in the company. A commitment that is measured.
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Your freight transport operator in Europe

Export, Import, Storage & Logistics


Work with us

At Eurolefesa we are constantly growing.

We offer you the opportunity to develop your professional career with future and stability. All our employees and collaborators share a positive and proactive attitude.

Whether you are a driver, operations expert, traffic specialist, maintenance worker, transportation R&D professional, administrator, etc. you have a future with us.

Carrera Profesional

Colaborador asociado

Routes throughout Europe

We look forward to hearing from you!