If your supply chain requires it, we can offer you an exclusive solution for your company, adapting to your needs as an extension of your own company. Fleet with your own logo.

We operate with a dedicated truck for customers who have established fixed routes.

  • The dedicated truck service may include customization of the tarps with the corporate image of each client.
  • This type of service requires a prior study to establish the technical requirements and the needs that are intended to be covered.


We become an extension of your own company, with all the advantages of working with a leading company.

We are your transportation partner!

Need a dedicated truck? Don't hesitate

We optimise routes and reduce costs with a full guarantee. Shall we talk?

What do we transport?


Animal feed, flours, potatoes, oils, wines, preserves and semi-preserves...

Special cargo

Non-hazardous and hazardous industrial waste. ADR goods.


Home appliances, consumer electronics, industrial electronic components, spare parts...

Machinery and Automotive

Mini shovels, mini dumpers, agricultural machinery, automotive parts, tires...

Construction materials

Chalkboard, cement, stone, glass, and other materials...

Retail and package delivery

Textiles, e-commerce, and bulk and palletized parcel delivery